Hayden James just dropped a new track… Seriously!

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Hayden James just dropped a new track… Seriously!

The impressive Sydney continues to deliver the goods on this new easy-going new single ‘Numb’ featuring fellow local vocalist GRAACE (formerly Grace Pitts). Ending the year of Katy Perry co-writing and still getting in some recording studio time for himself, he’s released this tune and announced some US dates for a headlining North American tour. It’s like the man doesn’t know when to stop, but we ain’t going to complain about that.

The track is smooth, with some nice vocal editing to keep it breezy and nice on the ears. The drop is as subtle as ever, really playing into the laid-back feel of the track. ‘Numb’ certainly works well as a pop-song as much as an electronic track, really showcasing James’ ability to work behind the boards as a true producer beyond just beatmaking. The textures are lush, but take a seat back and really accommodate GRAACE’s vocal melodies while she pours a lot of emotion in her performance. As chill as the track is, there’s still some strong production chops being put on display by James, proving his place on Future Classic’s roster. It’s an altogether well-produced, electro-pop track that should work in any setting.

You’ll be able to catch him live after his US tour when he comes back home to play the Beyond the Valley and Mountain Sounds. He’s bringing his tunes to a wide audience over the summer, things are only going up for him and we’re eager to watch.


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