DJ Seinfeld is dropping his debut album next month

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DJ Seinfeld is dropping his debut album next month

If you fancy yourself a good hit of that thumping, lo-fi house formula then you’ve likely stumbled upon the music of is DJ Seinfeld

The monicker of Swedish producer Armand Jakobsson, DJ Seinfeld has been on our radar for some time now – with his neatly crafted take on house music boasting a spot-on taste for sampling – and he has revealed his debut album in on the way via Lobster Theremin off-shoot, Lobster Fury.

After growing in popularity in 2016 with as string of red-line cuts such as U and Time Spent Away From U, DJ Seinfeld says his debut LP will be “an extended post-heartbreak love letter, delivered via the medium of the dance floor”.  Perhaps Armand will grace us with samples and background from classic hollywood-esque breakup or post-breakup scenes?

The album is set to drop on November 3, and you can pre-order a copy of the vinyl here. For now, revisit ‘Time Spent Away From U’ that features on the album below and check out the track list.


Side A
A1. I Hope I Sleep Tonight
A2. I Saw Her Kiss Him In Front Of Me And I Was Like wtf?
A3. Bring U Back

Side B
B1. Too Late For You And M1? (Could be a typo and be me instead)
B2. Forgiven

Side C
C1. Time Spent Away From U
C2. With My Luv

Side D
D1. Another Way Back
D2. It’s Just My Luv

Side E
E1. How U Make Me Feel
E2. U Hold Me Without Touch

Side F
F1. Come Thru For U
F2. U


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