Dive into Tycho’s stunning visuals for ‘Glider’

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Dive into Tycho’s stunning visuals for ‘Glider’

Grammy nominated electronica artist Tycho has staked his hold as one of those musicians whose euphoric style just can’t be replicated. In his new clip for the opening track on his “Epoch” album, ‘Glider’, the unique energy within the track is given the visuals it deserves.

Created by Tycho (Scott Hansen) himself, the video pays homage to Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky, incorporating an intriguing compilation of clips from his 1972 film Solaris.  Dreamy visuals of a wintertime landscape lead the driving rhythms and hope-filled melodies, combining the organic and synthesised sounds that characterise Tycho’s music. Underneath these sporadic clips, the fluorescent hues of a heat map shift. At times, the beat is carried with simultaneously pulsating geometrics, a quintessential symbol of Tycho’s artistry. Changing in colour, shape, and style in time with the percussion and film clips, he’s really nailed the vibes on this one.

It’s seriously stunning. Check out the video below.


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