PNAU’s Nick Littlemore gets experimental on new solo project

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PNAU’s Nick Littlemore gets experimental on new solo project

Nicholas Littlmore (of PNAU and Empire of the Sun fame) is not afraid to experiment with sound. The third instalment of his latest musical venture, The Two Leaves Project, has just been released independently. Speaking of the project, Littlemore said “Two Leaves is about exploration, to make experiential works that delve deeper into the subconscious… Unlike a traditional act, the members are ‘guests’, continually shifting around a single entity”.

Having already teamed up with Celia Pavey (Vera Blue) on an earlier release, ‘Evening of the Sky’¬†sees Littlemore team up with Sydney based artist and choir master Brooke Shelley.¬† The three track body of work revolves around the stunning vocals of Shelley to achieve a layered project that goes beyond the conventional limits of musical production. Of the project, Littlmore said, “Brooke’s voice was the central anchor and for the main part the only sound in the mix… I’ve tried to create a line between the real and the imaginary. With all these records the goal is to create an enlightened state of being, a meditative exploration into the cosmic consciousness”.

Follow the link to listen to ‘Evening of the Sky’ or stream it below.


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