One Aussie government just gave pill testing the green light!

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One Aussie government just gave pill testing the green light!

The ACT government have granted us the opportunity to get a little high at Canberra’s spilt milk festival. Essentially, if you’d like to take a nang while vibing to What so not or Kilter, you’re going to have your ear chewed off by the authorities about the risks and contents of the drug before taking it. So we’ll take the good with the bad.

“There will be a short survey taken about what drugs people think they’re taking. And then there will be a very small scraping of the pill they’ll provide for testing and analysis. That normally takes about 10 to 15 minutes,” says Gino Vumbaca, president of Harm Reduction Australia. The process will then include an analysis of what the drug is made of by the professionals attending the festival, and then you will compare what you thought you were taking, to what you’re actually taking.

So it’s not exactly encouraging drug-taking, but it is allowing you to do so. Although they claim it’s a “Non-judgemental approach”, it seems as if this is aiming to turn us off the ida. However, this is a step forward for Australian music festivals, and accordnig to Vumbaca “They’re quite progressive and they’re actually prepared to have an open mind and listen to the science and evidence”.

If baby-steps are what must be taken then we’ll accept it. What are your thoughts on pill testing? Do festivals need it or does it condone drug use?

Check out SBS Viceland’s video on pill testing below for some further insight.

(Source: triple j HACK)


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