Future pulls out of Listen Out Sydney and Brisbane shows

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Future pulls out of Listen Out Sydney and Brisbane shows

Future has announced he is pulling out of Listen Out’s remaining shows in Sydney and Brisbane.

After killing it on the festival tour thus far over the past week, the popular Atlanta rapper revealed he is heading home early due to the death of a close friend.

A spokesperson from Listen Out posted about the tragic news today, explaining that “a very close friend of Future’s has passed away and as a result he is rushing back to the US for the funeral… This means he won’t be able to play the remaining dates of his Aust/NZ tour.”

They added that “At this late stage it won’t be possible to get a similar act to Australia to replace Future on his Listen Out dates, though we are working on adding another act to the bill.”

Future took to social media to alert fans of the news earlier this week, saying “I always gave racism a cold shoulder because my real brother Is a white guy by the name of Seth Firkins. I got a call saying u died in your sleep? First thing came to my mind is, why are you sleep at 5am? That’s when we record our best shit & I tell u “don’t” fall asleep we got more work to do.. but somethin told me I should’ve been at home recording for some reason. I was saying this in my head, then bad news beat me home!

“I love u beyond this post, I will cherish u forever big bro, I just wish u would’ve text me & told me u was going to sleep and i wasn’t going to be able to wake u up this time…the family will miss u 1000%!! No kap in my game kid, rest well my brother. Rest well.”

Listen Out will be finishing it’s tour at Sydney’s Centennial Park and Brisbane’s Victoria Park this weekend.


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