Ekali premieres new ZHU collab during festival set

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Ekali premieres new ZHU collab during festival set

Two current heavy-hitters of EDM stirred people up like crazy during Ekali’s set at the Life is Beautiful Festival as they decided that was the time and place to show people their collab track for the first time. They may have different fans, and their styles don’t seem like they could be a natural collab, but it was sure well received so we’ll take the full version please.

Coming off the back of collaborating with KRANE and Denzel Curry, Ekali has launched a successful ‘Awakening’ mix series and has now solidified a pin on the map of modern electronic makers. As for ZHU, he’s been riding high for a few years with some smash-hit singles and recently dropped a riot of an EP ‘stardustexhalemarrakechdreams’. Both striking while the iron is hot, but we never thought we’d see their names this close to each other.

The track comes together really well, it’s moody, it’s lush, and nicely includes the special features that ZHU and Ekali bring to the table. Ekali confirmed via reddit that this collab is certainly legit and ready. What a pleasant surprise.

Check a snippet of the track here:


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