Burial just surprised us with a new track

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Burial just surprised us with a new track

The reclusive electro-dub aristocrat Burial has returned with a new track titled ‘Rodent’, the second time hearing his name this year since his Subtemple EP release back in May. We’re always excited when we hear this guy’s name, and although his rate of output is minimal and sparse, his quality level has been consistent with this track being no exception.

This is probably Burial at his most straightforward, with a vocal loop over his signature pulsating proto-dubstep style production. This single is subtle and atmospheric, and causes you to get lost in his music like you have in the past. The bass is nice and resonant, the drums have a solid wonky groove and the track is structured in a nice way to really lure you in and keep you engaged. It focuses on drumming up and evoking a mood, which has become a reliable trait of the producer, and we welcome it whenever we can.

Essentially we have Burial back doing what he does best, no real surprises in the track, just another addition into his Hyperdub EP and Single releases that have been stacking up over the last 5 or so years. Will we get another Untrue? 10 years isn’t too late, but we have these nice little pieces of music from the enigmatic figure to keep us going until then.


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