Relationship troubles could be fixed with MDMA… Apparently

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Relationship troubles could be fixed with MDMA… Apparently

Image via Vice

Some may argue that MDMA is a wonder drug, but it might just be factual

Yale University’s Dr Brian Earp has come out saying the popular party drug could be used to help relationships gone bad and he’s written it all up in a research paper titled Psychedelic Moral Enhancements.

In the paper, Earp writes: “In the 1980s, before it was made illegal, MDMA – popularly known as “ecstasy” due to the feelings of euphoria it can induce – was being used as an aid in couple’s therapy by professional counselors.

“Writing in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs in 1998, George Greer and Requa Tolbert described a method of conducting MDMA-enhanced therapeutic sessions based on their experience with roughly 80 clients between 1980-1985.”

Interesting, right? When speaking with Metro on the topicEarp said MDMA could “restore a good relationship or even to help end a bad one because of its ability to create previously buried openness between couples.”

“It removes our self defense mechanisms. It removes this and frees the mind. It helps to explore territories of our own mind. The evidence is abundantly there.”

What do you think? Has MDMA helped your relationship before?

(Source: Mixmag)


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