Record and stream your Vinyls with this new App

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Record and stream your Vinyls with this new App

Vinyl is well and truly prominent in music once again, that much we all know, but the coolest part about this resurgence is the way in which we are blending an old format with new technologies.

Enter Vinyl Recorder; an app that has been made purely for recording Vinyls in order to stream them on your mobile device.

The brainchild of tech company Covert Technologies, Vinyl Recorder app “is capable of recording vinyl records and converting them to digital files straight onto your phone, without manual editing.”

The downside? It will cost you. Each track comes with a price.

Once you record a track you can listen to 30-seconds free, but any more you’ll be hit with dollar signs. 10 tracks will set you back around $3.25AUD,  50 will cost $13, 100 tracks for $23 and 250 will have you nearing the $50 mark.

So it raises the question, is it really worth it? Check out the intro video to th ap below and you be the judge.

(Source: Vinyl Factory)


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