Premiere: Tiber shares intense new track ‘Good 4 U’

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Premiere: Tiber shares intense new track ‘Good 4 U’

Words by Hannah Prasad

If you haven’t heard of Tiber yet, you’re really missing out – and we got you covered!

We are stoked to be premiering his brand new track, ‘Good 4 U‘; a love song which he says is about doing everything you can for the person you love even if you go a little crazy in the process. He just wants to make it good 4 u.

Speaking on the track, Tiber says “Good 4 U started out as an experiment to try and make some realistic sounding drums. The beat came first which is not something I normally do, but I ended up building the rest of the song around that pretty quickly. Working with a vocalist in the studio is something I’d always wanted to try, so being able to do that was really fun.”

“The song itself is about going out of your way to do anything for your significant other, making things worth their time and making it good for them, even if it means you go a little crazy in the process.”

‘Good 4 U’ is dropping via Moonbase’s Trench Records, and embodies a warm, summertime tone that’ll certainly warms you up during this cold winter.

Listen to the track here and let us know if its gets you dancing.


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