Next In Line: Willaris. K

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Next In Line: Willaris. K

Next In Line is a series focusing on Australian artists on the way up.

Hailing from Northern New South Wales, Willaris. K – born Jack McAllister – is an artist who seems to filling a gap in the Australian dance music scene that has yet to be touched on.

In seven months, the local producer has gained immense traction following the release of his huge debut single Alchemy; a track that delves into a darker tone of house and electronica that is truly astounding.

We caught up with Willaris. K to learn more about him, his music, whats inspires him and what is next on his schedule on the way to the top.

Stoney Roads: When did you start making music and why?

Willaris. K: Around 2013. I started DJing first, Grant Walker the guy I was djing with was making electronic music at the same time so I started with making mixes/edits to play out which progressed over the years to writing original music. I played drums in high school which I eventually stopped, but I started piano lessons in 2015 which I still do now.

SR: Who are your musical influences? What were/are you listening to?

WK: Jon Hopkins, Seekae and Shlohmo are definitely my top 3. The first 2 Seekae albums definitely sparked my interest in this kind of music while I was in high school. Then Jon Hopkins’ Immunity, Seekae’s The Worry and Shlohmo’s Dark Red followed. Around that time, at 2015 laneway I went to Brisbane and it went something like Seekae, Jon Hopkins, Flying Lotus and Caribou which was insane, so I impulse bought tickets to Melbourne laneway with 2 friends for the following weekend. I’ll never forget the whole crowd taking their shoes off for some reason in Open Eye Signal, then out of nowhere a sun shower started, maximum euphoria moment. That also showed me how much of an impact a live performance has on people when they’re listening to the music in their own time, having an experience/memory/feeling to draw from takes it to another level. I would consider that time the beginning of the project, where I knew what I wanted to do and the music I wanted to write. At the moment, I like the new Mount Kimbie tracks, especially Blue Train Lines with King Krule, the new Corbin song, D33J, Bicep and have really been getting around what Kompakt have been releasing for my DJ sets.

SR: How would you define your sound?

WK: There’s a lot of different aspects to it but the main themes are definitely dark, emotional dance music. Somewhere between electronica and techno for the most part but I’ve got a few piano interludes/ballads. Although, I’m finding that some of the new ideas I’m starting are somewhat brighter so I it will inevitably keep evolving over time but still sound like me.

SR: What are you currently working on?

WK: I just finished my first remix which I’m really happy with. My EP is pretty much finished. So post splendour I’ve been experimenting with new ideas for what will end up being for my debut album, which feels weird to write.

SR: What is your view on the Aussie dance music scene right now?

WK: It seems to be thriving. I shared the Tiny Dancer stage at Splendour with so many top shelf electronic Australian artists. Volumes is also another good example, so much diversity across the lineup. The future is bright.

Be sure to catch Willaris. K at any of the following events, and revisit his mix for triple j.

Fri 18 Aug – Ricardos, Sydney
Sat 19 Aug – Volumes Festival, Sydney
Sat 26 Aug – Maroochy Music and Visual Arts Festival, Sunshine Coast
5-8 Sept – BIGSOUND, Brisbane


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