Melbourne’s Christopher Port shares moody track ‘Nobody Chose You’

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Melbourne’s Christopher Port shares moody track ‘Nobody Chose You’

Words by Max Jacobson

Let Christopher Port provide you with some pretty vibes and wonky grooves on his new soother Nobody Choose You, a taste of his upcoming “DARK” EP set for an October 20th release on Future Classic and Pieater.

The Melbourne producer takes a softer turn on his UK Garage inspired beat-making with a little more subtlety. Starting off with some gentle hi-hats and alluring, melodic synths that continue to grow louder as the build-up progresses. The skilfully cut vocal samples that Port places throughout the track are a nice touch indeed. The track is a slow-burner, and takes some time to get going, but once it does the result is very rewarding. The groove is strong with this one.

Reminiscent of artists like Burial and Zomby, Christopher Port manages to make his own name on Future Classic’s impressive roster with his unique take on brooding electronica. If this vibe is any indicator of what to expect on his upcoming release, and with a title like “DARK” we can suspect it might be, then we are very, very excited.


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