Lunice opens up on TNGHT’s return in Reddit AMA

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Lunice opens up on TNGHT’s return in Reddit AMA

LuckyMe’s Canadian lord Lunice has partaken in a Reddit AMA over the weekend, and there’s plenty of good gossip to take from it.

Straight off the mark, Lunice was quizzed on his collaborative project with Hudson Mohawke, TNGHT.

When asked for the latest news in TNGHT, Lunice wrote: “We made a bunch of new stuff and had a lottttt of fun making it so we will continue doing so”. Big news for us TNGHT fans!

Once the TNGHT cat was out of the bag, fans went on to question Lunice on musical motivation, with one user curious as to how he upholds his creativity. Lunice responded: “I found that patience and discipline have consistently been my go to traits to get anything done. It’s what helps me stay creative and inspired and it’s what helps me avoid getting a writer’s block.

The thing I realized about banging out a lot of tunes is that I would unwillingly end up in this specific spectrum of sounds which led to running out of ideas. Truth is, I only ran out of ideas within that sound and not in general. What it took for me to come up with new ideas was to simply not make any music and go outside and live real life a little bit and get inspired by everything around me.”

Some other interesting topics that were covered are as follows:

-He listens to"> Death Metal in his spare time
-He was surprised Kanye West didn’t change much of their ‘R U Ready’ instrumental for ‘Blood On The Leaves’
-His high-energy stage presence can be attributed to yoga and eating healthily.

Read the full AMA right here, and listen to Lunice’s latest offering from his forthcoming project below.

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