Kye Grant is the Gold Coast producer turning heads

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Kye Grant is the Gold Coast producer turning heads

Words by Max Jacobson

Kye Grant is an up-and-coming producer from the Gold Coast, so we can’t tell you too much about his bio, but we can tell you that this new track of his, ‘Gurl’, is a wild ride. Grant is not afraid to take risks as a producer, and shows of his wide range of chops as he blends together many different sounds and styles in this exciting track.

According to his Facebook bio, Grant has been building a name for himself as a DJ in his local scene, hosting a radio show with over 90,000 listeners, so it makes sense that the producer has an eclectic taste and many influences going into his music. He manages to transition between hip-hop grooves, wonky bass, loud EDM synths and even some dubstep noises amongst others across this off-the-wall track. He definitely had us flipping our shit in the office once the beat dropped.

The skills are right at Grant’s fingertips, and his musical ambitions are on display. Now it’s just up to us to keep an eye out for this 21-year old as he hopefully continues to surprise us with creative and intriguing music.


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