Grasps_, Ptwiggs and Wa?ste drops heavy-hitting track ‘Praying Waiting’

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Grasps_, Ptwiggs and Wa?ste drops heavy-hitting track ‘Praying Waiting’

It’s been a good couple of years for local hero Grasps_ but boy he never seems to slow down!

After the release of his highly-anticipated EP earlier this year, Grasps_ has been pumping out more tracks and smashing gigs all over Sydney like the machine he is. Having said that, we bring forward another one of his bass-heavy offerings with fellow friends and producers, Ptwiggs and  Wa?ste.

Praying Waiting is hauntingly beautiful. The sinister-sounding 3 minute track punches out heavy subs and raw percussion samples providing us with that familiar, signature oomph we hear in all of Grasps_ productions.

Incorporating eerie sounds such as car alarms, shattered glass, screeching, white noise and chilling blood-curdling screams evoke a ton of emotion and really allows us to get in touch with the feeling of fear and loneliness. Ominous pads, minor notes and distorted one-hits, plunge Praying Waiting into a deep dark hole.

If someone was to make a dystopian horror movie, this would be part of the soundtrack.

Stream Praying Waiting below!



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