Watch Gorillaz’s full set at Demon Dayz Festival

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Watch Gorillaz’s full set at Demon Dayz Festival

Words by Patrick Marshal

Gorillaz’s insane live set at Demon Dayz Festival is up on YouTube and is loaded with FOMO vibes.

The intro was something from a Hot Fuzz movie scene, thematically entrenched with demon worshippers running towards the stage through the cheering crowds in the late afternoon at the Margate venue on June 10th. Starting with LA-rapper Vince Staples kicking things off, it kept building with  a substantial number of big names in the business, ranging from Kilo Kish to Danny Brown. Visuals of Jamie Hewletts signature Gorillaz characters meeting the energy of the crowd and with Damon Albarn managing the attention expertly through the festival, Gorillaz really could do no wrong, with songs being coupled of new and old through the 2 hour set.

2017 is looking to be a big year for Gorillaz. The sophomore album coolly entered UK charts at number one and just as impressively entered American charts at number six. Their schedule looks to be ramping up for to a big back end of the year and this English concert is just the beginning of the journey. Flaunting a lot of sold out tickets for shows months away, the Demon Dayz festival is a spectacle not to miss. Check their website and social media for details to not miss out on just all round good entertainment.

The Youtube video is only exclusively available for two weeks so make sure to get in while its good.


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