Sony to press Vinyls again after 30-years off the wax

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Sony to press Vinyls again after 30-years off the wax

It’s been a hot minute, but Sony Music have revealed they will be pressing vinyls once again after a nearly 30-year hiatus.

The global music imprint is opening a new pressing plant in Japan’s Shizuoka Prefecture, allowing them to delve into the vinyl market once again; a market that is currently going from strength-to-strength

Sony stopped pressing wax in 1989 when CD’s took over the market; however in the last few years the sales of vinyl records have sky rocketed, resulting in a full blown resurgence.

The new pressing plant is set to open up in March 2018, with the first wave of releases said to be mainly Japanese reissues and bigger contemporary release – as reported by Nikkei.

Looks like vinyl is still the one, guys! if you want to know what it looks like inside a vinyl pressing plant, check the video below.

(Via: Vinyl Factory)



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