Labor mayoral candidate says Lockout Laws ‘need to go’

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Labor mayoral candidate says Lockout Laws ‘need to go’

We may finally be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the Sydney lockout laws, with a Labor mayoral candidate taking aim at the restrictive laws in the name of good times.

The man behind the push is Darcy Byrne, who is in the running to become the Inner West mayor. Byrne will be bringing the discussion to this weekend’s Labor state conference where he will argue the laws be scrapped or at least wound back.

Speaking with The Daily Telegraph, Mr. Byrne says the laws “need to go”.

“For too long politicians have been acting like the fun police, pandering to NIMBYs and shutting down Sydney’s night life. It’s time for Labor to take the lead and proudly advocate for young people and music lovers who want Sydney to come alive after dark.”

Darcy Byrne. Image via The Daily Telegraph.

He added that “in the age-old Sydney battle between wowsers and the punters we must be on the side of the fun-loving public”. That’s the spirit, Darcy!

This news follows the controversy surrounding the Kings Cross Hotel earlier in the month when they were forced to remove a Keep Sydney Open banner from their balcony that did not have council approval.

The banner was subject to complaint from a local Kings Cross residents group, aptly called ‘2011 Residents Assoc’. You can follow them here.

(Source: The Daily Telegraph)


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