Joyride just dropped a Keep Sydney Open anthem

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Joyride just dropped a Keep Sydney Open anthem

Local legend Joyride has just dropped a new track titled ‘Kings And Queens’.

This lush new tune is definitely nice on the ears, pairing his familiar vocal range with some mellow, tropical instrumentals.

His message message with this song is the best part though, with the Sydney-sider taking aim at the city’s authorities and lockout supporters as he moves around a small-scale, cardboard city-scape.

Speaking on the release and his upcoming plans, Joyride write:

“I’m pretty darn excited to be able to say this is the first single off the album I’ve been working on. It’s called “Kings And Queens” and I wrote it on a day that I was particularly cranky with how us young folk are getting dicked by the powers that be.

Shouts to Entropico, Jacqui Hudson and my nieces Lol and Bill for making the pretty thing pretty!

Sunrise Chaser on the way xo”

Watch the colourful music video for ‘Kings And Queens’ below and enjoy.


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