Interview: Getting the insider gossip with Rave Radio

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Interview: Getting the insider gossip with Rave Radio

Rave Radio have had a killer year and to top it all off, they recently released a fire track titled, “Rock It,” with remixes from Dave Winnel and Wasteland.

Maintaining a strong release schedule into 2017 plus a nonstop tour schedule across Asia, Europe & Australia, Rave Radio are soaring into 2017. The duo’s fan base has been rapidly growing including the 2 million Spotify plays from single ‘Turn Me Out’ and another 1 million Soundcloud plays on their unofficial Drake, The Weeknd & Disclosure remixes, their synth heavy, quirky bass driven sound is becoming very recognisable 

“Rock It,” is an infectious feel-good house anthem on Vicious. Taking samples from the 2010 hit of the same title from band Little Red, it’s sure to catch your attention from the get go.

Below we had an ol’ chat with the guys to get the insider gossip:

SR: Being an artist means year in year out you’re exposed to new and different influences both internally and externally (trends), what direction has you inspired currently? How do you find the transition process?… How do you figure out your next moves sonically? Is it methodical or does it just come out of thin air-inspiration?

RR: Yeah we get inspiration from so many genres and music that we listen to on a day to day basis. We’ve never wanted to be pigeon holed with our music, as we like to keep an open mind when it comes to writing and the music we play in our sets. Club music’s shelf life is now so short, you spend 2 months working on something, then it’s forgotten about in 2 weeks. So this year we have moved away from it to expand on writing more emotional, melodic driven music that people can connect with and remember. Sonically we’ve already tried to keep the same elements in our music with punchy drums and creative synth work.

SR: Spotify, Spotify Spotify. It appears to be the buzz word of 2017. Were you lovers of Soundcloud previously and how do you perceive it’s place in the market now? How much do you rely on Spotify now and to what extent can you control or manage your reach and marketing on it? Any advice for budding producers trying to make it on Spotify with stream count?

RR: Death to Soundcloud! Musicians want a platform to be discovered on and soundcloud just didn’t tackle their infringement issues quick enough, limiting how music got shared. The difference with Spotify is their playlist’s have given emerging artists a platform to be discovered on globally and that kind of reach is just something soundcloud can’t compete with. We think Spotify has changed the way people listen to music, opening their eyes to different genres they may not have found on Soundcloud. We’ve actually worked with a crazy talented singer called Maribelle on our last single ‘Turn Me Out’ who we found on Spotify. Advice on Spotify? Unlike Soundcloud, where plays and comments have become quite questionable, Spotify is genuine and cannot be forged. This means now more then ever it is about writing great music that connects with people and a platform like Spotify allows great music to be heard.

SR: Regarding ‘Rock It,’ why did you choose an Aussie indie hit to rework into a house track? 

RR: We actually started slipping the original in our sets as it was such an “Aussie” anthem (it is actually a competition between us now as to who can find the best novelty throwback tune, Brett snuck in New Sensation by INXS last week, so I’ve got to top that). We got the idea to re-work the chorus into something more in the house genre and more upbeat. Ironically enough our label’s A&R guy knew the singer from Little Red so helped us make it happen.

SR: The Wasteland remix is dope! How did you find him? 

RR: We actually met Wasteland initially at ADE in Amsterdam in 2015 and stayed in touch with him ever since. We’d send each other our music and his stuff just kept getting better so we had to jump on the chance to get him to remix our stuff. We’ve actually started a few new collab ideas with him too!

SR: What can we expect from you guys for the remainder of the year? Any tour plans in motion?

RR: We gig every weekend so it is just one long party for us (Brett never actually sleeps). This year the Asian market has exploded so we have been playing there quite frequently. They have the population to support the scene while lockout laws and a changing nightlife culture have strangled the Australian club scene. August will be exciting for us as we are doing our first UK & Europe tour. We arestocked for the tea and scones and going to a premier league game!

SR: Anything else you’d like to add?

RR: The journey we have both been on since the start has definitely had its tough times, not really knowing where we were going with the direction of our music. But all the work we have done has allowed us to learn, grow and have some amazing opportunities presented to us. We get to meet and work with so many incredibly talented artists and musicans and travel the world taking in every culture. We are pretty blessed to be able to do what we do and create music for a living. Much Love.


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