Australia is getting a new Vinyl pressing plant

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Australia is getting a new Vinyl pressing plant

Vinyl junkies, time to celebrate! Australia is getting a brand new pressing plant and it comes with all the latest gear.

Program Records will be opening in Melbourne early 2018, and will be Australia’s first modernised pressing plant in 30-years, boasting WarmTone presses that can supposedly print a vinyl record in 30-seconds. Not too shabby.

Upon opening, the plant will be offering 12-inch pressed at 140 and 180 grams, with 7-inch and 10-inch presses coming the following year.

Speaking on the venture, Program Records’ founder Steve Lynch says they “will focus on supporting the local music scene backed by a data driven and highly efficient production facility. Australia has a great music scene that deserves to have affordable, good quality vinyl made here on time.”

Great news for local labels who don’t wish to outsource from overseas. The exciting news follows reports of a new pressing plant opening in Sydney earlier in the year as well. The vinyl resurgence is alive and bloody well!

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(Source: Mixmag)




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