The most exciting Aussie record labels of 2017… So far

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The most exciting Aussie record labels of 2017… So far

Australia is fast becoming a super highway of respectable electronic beats with a number of indie labels discovering and nurturing their own stable of new artists for local consumption and global export.

This year alone it’s obvious to see some standouts all making moves and offering a lavish listening experience within the realms of house, techno, disco,  and plenty more.

It’d be near impossible to cover the whole spectrum of imprints offering aural delights which is why we’ve titled this one as a ‘so far’ and an opp to showcase some more labels doing seriously good things in the not so distant future.

If we missed anyone, be sure to pop them into the comments before or alternatively via the Stoney Roads Facebook post. 


Sydney crew Sidechains have been hammering away for a quick minute now with their brand of bumpy, internet inspired beats. Adding more sides to their shape they offer up a consistent run of parties including recent headliners Swindail and Mallrat that allows their heavy online audience a chance to throw down with like minded heads.

Plastic World

Hopefully you’re across the Plastic World label as they represent slightly out of the box acts that Australia has to offer with releases from house-jam group The Posse, moving two-piece GL, Retiree, ballad crooner Donny Benet and more.

Be quick to snap up their mostly vinyl-only releases!

Burning Rose

You would have already picked up we’ve got a slight thing for newer than new Sydney label Burning Rose and their UK industrial inspired output. It’s the kind of melodies and bass you’re on for heading into the early hours!

Post Pluto

These dudes aren’t kidding around when they stress a focus on ‘music that is soulful, deep and more human than machine’ with multiple releases on the Post Pluto imprint doing just that. Again, you’d better be quick with only small runs of limited wax making it to the shelves.

The South East Grind

Brisbane natives The South East Grind have been non-stop with their release schedule pushing out single after single of moving, RnB cuts from a host of Australian producers, many their first step into the big bad world of the internet. Consistent, curated and crisp!

Unknown Records

It doesn’t matter if you’re smack bang in the middle of metropolis or a little further down the coast as it is for Wollongong staple Unknown Records, who keep bringing the goods with an assortment of electronic sounds. Their roster shows some serious heat with Horowitz, Nyxen, Pantheon and more giving you club ready house and techno.

Salt Mines

Lo-fi house and the resurgence of acid got a real look in this year and in it’s wake a number of global labels popping up to showcase what they got. Melbourne’s Salt Mines is one such imprint doing it oh so right with a number of seriously strong releases.

Butter Sessions

It wouldn’t be fair to talk Australian labels without a mention of Butter Sessions and their heavy hitting releases. Expect delicious analog cuts from Sleep D, Cale Sexton and Mic Mils when diving into the labels offerings.

NLV Records

The brainchild of the renowned Sydney based DJ/producer/legend Nina Las Vegas, NLV Records has become a go-to haven for boundary pushing club tracks from a wide range of artists such as Air Max 97, Strict Face and NLV herself.

Ken Oath Records

Probably the baby of the list is Ken Oath Records, formed out of Sydney but dropping some serious heat from all over Australia. The label leans on more balearic offerings with plenty of touches of percussion sprinkled in between to cater for a moving mid-arvo boogie.


Based in Melbourne and home to the likes of Francis Inferno Orchestra and András, Superconcious has paved it’s way into the Aussie house music mould with its eclectic, Australiana take of dance music.


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