Sydney’s Morgan Huggins shares blissful house tune ‘Freda’s Payne’

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Sydney’s Morgan Huggins shares blissful house tune ‘Freda’s Payne’

A fresh new face has arrived on the local house market, and his debut track is turning heads.

Morgan Huggins, a Sydney-born, Melbourne-educated producer, has stormed out of left-field with a track titled ‘Freda’s Payne’; a lush house cut built with spacey, haunting instrumentals and a jazzy vocal sample from renowned songstress Freda Payne herself.

Huggins doesn’t shy away from experimentation on this track, utilising an array of eclectic soundscapes all merged into one soothing release. The real beauty of this song shows its face from the halfway mark, when Huggins takes a more ambient direction with his production.

The track gradually winds down with a cluster of echoing synth chords while the vocals muffle down to silence. Pure bliss. It’s fair to say he will be one to keep an eye on.

For those who are vibing with this, you can catch Morgan Huggins at the Move For Mood party going down in Sydney tomorrow night that is raising money for the Black Dog Institute for mental health.

For now, listen to ‘Freda’s Payne’ below and let us know what you think.


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