Soft Centre is the exciting new Festival coming to Sydney’s West

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Soft Centre is the exciting new Festival coming to Sydney’s West

A brand new music festival has today been announced – one that plans to merge electronic music and stimulating light installations in an industrial location on the outskirts of Sydney.

Soft Centre will be taking place on September 23 at the Casula Powerstation, roughly 1-hour from Sydney’s CBD. This eclectic celebration of music and art is taking inspiration from renowned international festivals such as Unsound, Berlin Atonal and Norbergfestival; and is presenting a darker, visually curated approach to music festivals that has not yet been touched upon in Australia.

In their own words, Soft Centre “pairs experimental electronic artists with sensory altering light works and immersive performance pieces. Rare music collaborations and site specific works are brought together to create an unforgettable day of sound and visual abstraction inside a giant industrial power station.”

Check out the full lineup for Soft Centre below, along with the promo video. You can find more info and grab tickets from their website.

Soft Centre Lineup (alphabetical)

A Made Up Sound [Netherlands]
Cassius Select (live)
DIN [Rainbow Chan x Moon Holiday] (live)
Half High (live)
Harold [VIC]
Hossein Ghaemi w/ choir
Lawrence English (live) [QLD]
Louis McCoy // hndsm. [VIC]
Meagan Streader [VIC]
Sam Whiteside
SIMONA (live) [VIC]
Waterhouse (live) [VIC]


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