Noga Erez tells the story behind her debut album ‘Off The Radar’

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Noga Erez tells the story behind her debut album ‘Off The Radar’

Eclectic songstress Noga Erez has been on our radar for some time, turning heads with her estranged take on electro-pop that comes matched with a handful of vivid, rather abstract music videos that bring her songs to life.

The Israeli artist has today released her debut album, ‘Off The Radar’, a record that truly represents her unique approach to pop music, particularly the way she blends clanging, experimental electronica with her soothing vocal range.

To celebrate the release, and to get some more information on the record, we asked her to tell us the story behind each song on this 14-track project. Stream the album in full, and get to know the meaning of the music below.

Balkada – This song talks about the symbiotic relationship between an artist and it’s crowd.

Dance While You Shoot – A conversation between me and my country, where I demand some answers about why things are the way they are.

Toy – A song about inherited leadership, about someone who achieved their power only by being associated with someone in a powerful position

Instruction – A short passage with the sentence ‘Read the instructions carefully’, like at the beginning of a medicine warning label, as if trying to prepare the listeners to what’s about to happen.

Pity – A song inspired by an alleged sexual assault case that happened in Tel Aviv. But, really a song about being a woman in a world where you are not always safe and any of us can fall victim to sexual assault.

Quiet One – Another short passage, and like the previous one, it prepares the listener for the next song, a quiet, mellow song, after a bunch of up-beat ones. Those passages are almost like trying to give the listener a programme in a concert.

Worth None – This one is a birds-eye view on 2 sides of the same conflicted situation. One is very privileged, one is unfortunate. The song talks about how in our world, in a very unjust and chaotic way, the value of people’s lives is being determined.

Global Fear – A song that talks about a collective fear that we all experience as a generation. A fear that leads us to escapism, whether it’s physically moving away, or mentally escaping reality.

Hit U – A short passage that prepares the listener for the next song, which is the ‘hit’ song of the album. A joke about this whole concept of a hit song and a joke about myself who tries to write one every ones in a while.

Side Effect – The second part of track no. 4

Muezzin – This song describes a panic attack, driven by a fear and paranoia of the unknown .

Noisy  – Talking about the noise in our head. It talks to a prison – guard, who stands at the gate of someone’s mind and can decide whether that someone may come out or not.

A hit is A hit – The last passage of the album. Refers to all the forces that control our lives, whether those forces are people, governments, paranoias, fears, voices in our heads etc.

Junior – From the bottom of despair and fear, you reach out to the one you love and want them to save you from everything that happens in the world and inside you. Realizing that even the closest people to you can’t really do much other than being around you, and even that is not always possible.


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