Lunice confirms TNGHT are making new music

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Lunice confirms TNGHT are making new music

It’s been a long time coming, but Lunice has confirmed that TNGHT is coming back and are working on new music right now.

The joint venture between him and Hudson Mohawke (who dropped a new track earlier this week) turned the bass-scene on it’s head with their debut, self-titled EP back in 2012, home to monster tracks such as ‘Higher Ground’, ‘Top Floor’ and ‘Bugg’n’ to name a few.

During an interview with Red Bull Music Academy, Lunice revealed the good news that the pair are back in the studio together, after dismantling the group back in 2013.

There is no mention of just when we will get new music from TNGHT, but we know these two guys move fast so we’re hoping we get something before 2017 is out.

For now, dive into some vintage TNGHT below.


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