Interview: GANZ Talks Collaborations, His Fave Aussie Artists and Meat Pies

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Interview: GANZ Talks Collaborations, His Fave Aussie Artists and Meat Pies

Aside from being one of the most exciting Bass producers in the game right now, GANZ is a close friend to Australia.

The Netherlands born producer has built up a sturdy rep over the years with his hard-hitting, experimental take on trap and electronica – something that we have seen first hand with his huge 2016 collab with What So Not and JOY. – and he is currently midway through a hefty Aussie tour with support from local legend Fossa Beats.

What better reason to catch up with GANZ and pick his brain on all the big topics – such as his fave Aussie delicacy?

Peep our full Q&A with GANZ below, and be sure to catch him this weekend at The MET in Brissy, followed by shows in Newcastle and finally Melbourne as he winds down the tour.

Stoney Roads: Hey GANZ, how has the tour been so far? Seen any kangaroos yet?

GANZ: It’s super so far! Seen some cool cities I hadn’t seen before such as Cairns and the Central Coast and went to Dunsborough on my days off but unfortunately I only saw them from 10 meters distance.

SR: What is the reception from Aussie crowds like in comparison to everywhere else?

G: The crowds has been super nice and got the chance to play a lot of new stuff. It’s seemed that they liked it.

SR: Who are some artists you’ve discovered in 2017 that are really going places?

That has to beFossa Beats and Sachi. I actually discovered them last year but they’re making big steps right now and I’m so happy to see them putting out such good stuff.

SR: You do a lot of collaborative work with other artists, for example your huge track with What So Not and JOY. What do you love about collaborating? Do you find any difficulties when working with other artists?

It’s good to share your ideas with other artists and see if both the ideas will melt together. Or even when you’re stuck on a project they can help you out make it a much better track. The only difficulties are the time differences and tour schedules.

SR: Are there any other Aussie artists you;d love to work with?

From the beginning I wanted to work with Matt Corby. But I’d love to work with Nick Murphy, Kučka, Kimbra and Wallace. I discovered her through the Solange cover she did with Ngaiire.

SR: What are your 3 favourite tracks to play in your sets this year?

">Princess Nokia – Tomboy

">Kendrick Lamar – MAAD City (Eprom Remix)

">Lorde – Green Light (Sachi and Montel 209 remix)

SR: Your current tour is mainly a club tour. Do you prefer playing club shows to festival/large scale shows? What are the differences between them?

Definitely club shows because for some reason you can be more intimate with the crowd and you’re able to see the look on their faces when you drop some new thing instead of performance with a distance of 5+ meter.

8. What’s on the agenda for the rest of the year? What can expect from GANZ?

I’m about to finish some new singles and a remix is just made recently. After that I’m thinking about dropping an EP but haven’t booked in a date yet.

SR: Finally, what is your favourite Aussie food?

I normally never do breakfast but the I do like to have bacon and eggs  once of twice a week but that not a real Australian dish. I’m not a big fan of meat pies to be honest. Don’t actually know that a real Australian dish is but the good thing is that I always end up eating good stuff when I’m in tour down here.



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