bbbbbb’s Bjarki and Johnny Chrome Silver are Touring the US

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bbbbbb’s Bjarki and Johnny Chrome Silver are Touring the US

Bjarki may have made his entrance on Nina Kraviz’s Trip Records, but he’s making his mark with his own homegrown Icelandic label bbbbbb. The sound of Bjarki is self-described as ‘absurd’, and the label follows suit in the all of the best ways. Aimed at mixing up the current stagnant scene, bbbbbb’s sound of acid-infused drum and bass is an eye-opening experience for an underground snob. With just 6 records under their belt, this crew plans to release every month with IDM, techno, breaks, electro and most certainly Icelandic dance music.

“For me it has to be rugged, a little uncomfortable and tough to experience something exciting. The focus should not be only on the DJ, rather to get into it and let go of all the shit we keep inside for the whole week.”

Releasing on both digital and wax (with BBB002 and 003 small batch vinyl only), this label is organically paving the way for a new age of club sounds. Landing in the US with 6 dates at leading events across the nation, they finish it off with two nights at Cali’s best techno event Lights Down Low. Admitting to writing music mere hours before the show, Bjarki is reinventing the DJ model with live shows that innovate on the fly. With the first chapter written for this budding label, Bjarki’s ‘goal with bbbbbb is to let people into our brain..’. You ready to take this trip with the Icelandic innovators?


July 20 thursday – NYC @ House of Yes

July 21 friday – Toronto @ Its Not U Its Me Warehouse

July 22 saturday – Detroit @ TV Bar

July 27 thursday – Seattle @ Kremwerks

July 28 friday – Los Angeles @ Lights Down Low warehouse

July 29 saturday – San Francisco @ Lights Down Low @ Audio


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