This Tiny Cassette Player Is Perfect For The On-The-Go Nostalgia Head

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This Tiny Cassette Player Is Perfect For The On-The-Go Nostalgia Head

There is no doubt that music is going through a big nostalgia phase. We’ve seen it with the huge resurgence of vinyl and we’re now seeing it with cassette tapes.

The sale of cassettes rose by a massive 74% in 2016, and has seen niche record labels take on cassette releases along with vinyl, which – despite being a bit of a novelty – has led to the birth of the the smallest tape player ever.

The ELBOW is a pocket-sized tape player that is perfect for the on-the-move cassette enthusiast. It’s seriously tiny. Just take a look below:


So how does this thing work? As described in their press release “The ELBOW uses a single pulley to drive the tape. To maintain constant playback rate, tape speed must be tracked by optical sensor and used as a control parameter for motor adjustment.”

“ELBOW’s most prominent feature is the biaxial arm. It rotates in two directions – upward motion enables the insertion of a cassette, while sideways motion allows to manually switch the playing direction.”

The ELBOW is still in it’s concept stage, however it has already been awarded for its design from Industart, the International Industrial Design Awards.

For more info on the ELBOW, click here.


(Via FACT Mag)


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