The Best YouTube Channels For Discovering Electronic Music

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The Best YouTube Channels For Discovering Electronic Music

For so long, SoundCloud has been the number one place to find new electronic music. Recently though, without going into too much detail (as there are a plethora of reasons why), casual and incredibly active users of Soundcloud have felt betrayed by the service and have started to jump ship.

While Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL and whatever other streaming services might be able to provide crisp listening and discovery of more mainstream genres and artists, there doesn’t seem to be any other platform that houses upcoming electronic music quite as well. However, with the introduction of Youtube RED, allowing for ad-free viewing and listening of videos on mobile devices (which also means the ability to pause and play songs on the lock screen that just about everyone has been praying for), Youtube has entered into the streaming game hard.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a short list of Youtube’s best channels for finding new music, covering a whole heap of genres and locations.


Slav kicked off pretty much as soon as they uploaded underground burner of 2016, DJ Boring’s ‘Winona’. With a focus on house music, and a bunch of the lo-fi variety, Slav is 55k and growing.

Mr. Suicide Sheep:

With 6.5 million subscribers, Mr. Suicide Sheep has for a very long time been a home for future and bass oriented electronic music. 7 years and counting, no doubt this channel will continue to provide for many more to come.


EtonMessy is another channel doing some real quality house releases. With tracks from people like Human Movement, Claptone and Justin Martin, there’s over 11k videos worth of moving and shaking to be had.

Majestic Casual:

Majestic Casual probably has to be the Youtube music channel. They made a face for themselves with super cruisey tracks and photos of stunning people and gorgeous locations. Obviously content with the formula, they’re still kicking with almost 1.5k videos, 3.4 million subscribers and now even moving into hosting events.


DYNMK are a largely house music based channel filled with a few extra sensual goodies. They’ve got a stellar selection of playlists for every mood – ‘late nights’, ‘heartbreak’, ‘devotion’, each filled with tracks the selectors deem worthy.

Cloud Kid:

Cloud Kid has a pretty good range of tunes ranging from bass heavy to more synthy (both intense and a little more relaxed). The channel’s only been going for a little over 3 years but already has almost 300 million views, so you know their selections are consistent.


ChilledCow is as you might expect, pretty chilled (twist). This channel is dedicated to the more beatsy and hip-hop end of the electronic spectrum, perfect to relax to. There’s a series of 10 minute mixes on there too which are definitely worth checking out.

Have we missed one of your favourites? Let us know in the comments so we can better spread the love otherwise known as incredible tunes.



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