Pill Testing May Have Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

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Pill Testing May Have Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

With ecstasy being largely associated with electronic music, we couldn’t be happier to see a brand new method of testing has arisen that may make future drug testing a lot easier.

The method is quite simple; an atom ball is filled with molecules that react when in contact with MDMA in the way of exiting the ball and lighting up in colour. If the pill does not contain any of the associated ingredients that make up ecstasy/MDMA, it will remain dormant.

This new form of pill testing was discovered by researchers at the University of Southern Denmark, the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and the CIBER-BBN in Spain. They claim it is a inexpensive new method to accurately test MDMA that will reduce waiting times for results as well as minimising the likelihood of false positives.


Speaking on the discovery, Jan O. Jeppesen from the University of Southern Denmark says “It is our impression that a need exists for more reliable, user-friendly and cheaper tests. What makes our method stand out is that it can detect even small traces.”

Here’s hoping someone spreads the word to the Australian government, who are still firmly against any form of pill testing at music festivals.

(Via: Mixmag)


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