Sharing unforgettable tour moments with Friendships

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Sharing unforgettable tour moments with Friendships

Audio-visual duo Friendships (Nic Brown and Misha Grace) are without question one of the most exciting, fresh-faced groups to come to our attention in a while.

Working out of Melbourne, Friendships have built up a sturdy and loyal following with their eclectic take on electronic music and stellar live performances, having flaunted this on their debut album, solo touring and in support of the likes of Erykah Badu, Thundercat and Mark Pritchard.

We thought we’d catch up with Friendships ahead of their Friday gig at Red Bull Sound Select at Ricardo’s in Marrickville, to find out some of their most unforgettable moments on tour.

Dive in below, and find out more on the event right here.

$100 Uber

We were in California for one night. We had a radio live performance with the University of California in Irvine, about a 1hr drive from LA. Our friend King told us about a massive after hours queer party happening in Hollywood that should pump until 6am-ish. We also had some friends we wanted to link with in the city (s/o Memphis), so we thought fuck it! We are only in California for one night. We got a bunch of Mike’s hard lemonade and took a $100 uber to Hollywood. The party was amazing. We had a massive rave, danced our hearts out and kissed our friends goodbye. We took another hour long uber back to Irvine at about 6am and decided to stay up until we had to go to the airport (11am-ish). In a haze of confusion and smoke we made it painfully through to our supposed departure time… the only problem was our fearless tour manager LJ was nowhere to be seen. He hit the hay as soon as we got back from Hollywood so he could drive our rental back to the airport. We couldn’t get a hold of sweet LJ as it turns out he was too *tired* to drive back, so he got the flights changed and our time in LA was extended until the following day.

Wet Dream

A pal of ours Samjay was having a house party in Austin after his gig at Hotel Vegas. It was a big one. We met some really lovely people there. We ended up kicking on at a friends house that we met until about 9am and crashed at theirs. Everyone is sharing the one bed and then Nate wakes up and realises he has pissed the bed. Without waking whose house it is, we all manage to get out of bed and bailed. A few days later we met up with them… the subject of bed wetting was never brought up. <

Rack Synth Party

We played a party in Austin for KVRX at Hotel Vegas with a bunch of other electronic acts. One of the guys on the bill, Rob had an insane modular synth setup but couldn’t get one of his synths to work, so had to pull the plug on his set. He later invited all of us back to a house party where he had setup all his equipment and had it working. We had a massive modular synth jam and doofed in a lounge room for a couple hours. It was getting messy and then Rob called it and everyone started to leave… even Rob. Actually, everyone in the house left. We were the only ones left at this house waiting for an uber home. Then we started wondering – who’s house were we at???

Party in Pittsburgh

We arrived in Pittsburgh and did a live to air performance on radio. We got word of a party that night with Octo Octa playing plus a bunch of other siqqq DJ’s. We got super excited and got stuck into a bunch of 4loko and malt liquor. Had a bit too much & ended up missing the entire show.  


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