Several UK festivals to introduce drug testing this year

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Several UK festivals to introduce drug testing this year

A handful of UK festivals will be introducing drug testing at their forthcoming events this festival season.

“Between 6 and 10 festivals”, such as Reading and Leeds, will be moving forward with an on-site drug testing scheme courtesy of The Loop that has been given the go-ahead from local Police, as reported by Independent.

These drug testing stations were trialled at the Secret Garden Festival in Cambridge last year and were a huge success in the way of providing punters information about what they are buying/taking.


Speaking on the initiative, The Loop’s founder Fiona Measham says “It’s really exciting that police are prioritising health and safety over criminal justice at festivals.”

Perhaps Australian authorities will take a leaf out of the mother country’s book on this one. Let’s not hold out breath, though. Read more here.

Check out Vice’s video on ecstasy and drug testing in the UK below to get the jist of what will be going down.


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