Melbourne Clubs Are Doing A ‘Forrest Gump’ For Charity

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Melbourne Clubs Are Doing A ‘Forrest Gump’ For Charity

Chapel Street is an integral part of the Melbourne nightlife, boasting the infamous Revolver alongside Pawn & Co. as staples for any given night. But what you might not know about these institutions is that they’ve become an integral part in restoring the eyesight of those in less fortunate countries.

They’ve both become a part of a movement that’s been taking your entry money and giving it to charity, joining with the crew at Thick As Thieves to throw parties and help those in need.

Thick As Thieves – who have been working with the Fred Hollows Foundation for some time now – recently shared their latest fundraising update which has just reached over the $330,000 with no signs of slowing down.

To keep things moving in the right direction, a team from Revs and a team from Pawn & Co will partaking in a 60km fun-run (even thought 60km doesn’t sound too fun) that is set to happen later this month.

If this sounds like something you can back, you can donate to the cause RIGHT HERE.

For now, have a read through the Thick As Thieves initiative and updates and check out their their above average team posters below. Is this the sort of thing more people in the industry should be jumping behind?



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