Ableton Launches Website To Teach Everyone How To Produce Music

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Ableton Launches Website To Teach Everyone How To Produce Music

Ever wanted to make electronic music but were too intimidated to have a try? Maybe you thought you’d have a go but thought the software might have been too confusing or too expensive? Well, have we got some excellent news for you.

One of electronic music production’s most popular software choices Ableton Live, has been going to some great lengths in recent months to educate the masses on how to make music. 2015 saw the software company launch a book on creative strategies for artists, and just this year release a series of Youtube tutorials for the program.

Today they’re back with the launch of a brand new website, which is essentially just a browser based version of Ableton with a number of lessons and explanations on the basics of music production. Notes, beats, scales, chords, tempo, basic structure, all of it’s covered in here with pretty in depth explanations to bring even the most unskilled musician up to speed. Each of these also have some real life examples to follow along with, including Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ and Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’.

Once you’re done, you can hit ‘The Playground”, to test out all the skills you’ve learnt so far and create your own tracks. While you won’t be able to export these in the browser version, Ableton’s included the ability to bring these projects across to Ableton Live, should you choose to pick it up.

While yes, a huge part of Ableton’s reasoning behind these educational initiatives is obviously to sell more product, at the heart of what they’re doing is a want to bring the ability to make music to way more people. If that’s not good for everyone, then what is?


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