UK Legend Goldie Says Berghain ‘Aint All That’

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UK Legend Goldie Says Berghain ‘Aint All That’

The drum and bass lord Goldie is no stranger when it comes to sharing an honest opinion. This trait can be seen in all of his interviews over the past 20-years, and has once again been on display in a recent chat for Noisey’s The British Masters series, where he quite simply puts forward that the Berlin techno hub is “not all that”.

He said “I went to Berghain one Saturday. Fucking hell, it ain’t all that. It’s alright. I’ll probably never get in there again, but to be honest there was some Spanish fella upstairs boring me to death.

For all of the hoo-ha on the door to get in there, it certainly ain’t [London club] Heaven. I was turned away from Heaven five times, but when I got inside Heaven, oh Jesus it was worth it.”

This opinion will be sure to ruffle a few die-hard Berghain feathers, but is he onto something here?

Regardless of what he thinks of Berghain, Goldie’s new album is set to drop very soon and we’re bloody stoked. Read up on it right here, and check the full interview with Noisey below.

(Via Mixmag)


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