Tokyo-Based Label Shares Eclectic Winter Compilation

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Tokyo-Based Label Shares Eclectic Winter Compilation

Japan’s vibrant capital Tokyo is pretty damn spectacular for a boat load of reasons.

For one, they hands down have some of the best electronic music there is to offer. From their booming bass and footwork scene to their dark brooding house and techno, Tokyo‘s music scene has it all. Non-stop nightlife, gigs that boast incredible lineups with some of the worlds finest producers/DJS and their never ending number of record shops that are literally heaven for anyone who’s been trying to find THAT record for years.

Although Tokyo‘s music scene can be under-represented at times (which I completely agree with),  if you search hard enough and find these little gems whether it’s new music or a local gig (locals absolutely kill it over there), it can and will blow your mind.

Having said that, I’m here to share with you a Tokyo-based record label/production group under the moniker dos・ing (dreaming of sleeping). The crew over at dos・ing aim to introduce their admirable local talents from both Japan and other countries across the globe to the international community.

dos・ing dropped their 12-track winter compilation #DOS002 which feature producers hailing from Japan, Australia, New Zealand, England, Brazil and United States. We lent a bit of Sydney talent and had three of our local dons Denzel SterlingSORTAGOTH and Grasps_ jump on board and release a track each on the compilation.

The entire compilation has been described as dystopian-neon Tokyo and definitely showcases not only each individual’s production skills but an all over cohesiveness and harmony.

The compilation is up for grabs and available to stream via dos・ing‘s Soundcloud. Have a listen!


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