Sydney’s Tasker Shares Heaving Rework Of Panta Ray’s ‘Supreme’

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Sydney’s Tasker Shares Heaving Rework Of Panta Ray’s ‘Supreme’

Tasker is a name you might want to write down.

With only one original and an official remix, released on a deluxe edition of Alison Wonderland’s debut full-length ‘Run’, Tasker returns from his two year hiatus with a remix of newly formed UK duo Panta Ray’s first single, aptly titled ‘Supreme’.

Not to lose the subtlety of the original track, Tasker immerses the soothing and relaxed vocals of featuring artist Sitkah amongst punchy moog baselines and tough and gritty hip-hop beats, while still maintaining the dream like atmosphere of the original.

With a debut EP in the works, set for a mid-year release, 2017 is looking to be a breakout year for the up and coming 20 year old.


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