Miami Horror Tell The Story Behind Their New EP ‘The Shapes’

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Miami Horror Tell The Story Behind Their New EP ‘The Shapes’

Having returned with a brand new EP after a solid hiatus, we caught up with the Sydney group Miami Horror to find out even more on their stellar new EP, The Shapes.

Stream the EP in full below, and read up on the motivation behind each individual track. Speaking on the project as a whole, the guys write:

“The idea for The Shapes was to have an amalgam of music and art. We picked a bunch of artists that inspire us and got them to create street art pieces to be displayed in some of our favourite cities in the world. The inspiration for the music was 70’s post-punk and 80’s afro-funk with songs about the absurdity of existence and what it means to be alive at this point in time on planet earth and all that entails.”

Sign Of The Times
This song is built around an avant-funk groove, it sits on the same motif for most of the song with a few variations to lift it and shift it. It’s about the confusion of modern day existence and trying to make peace with the intense inner dialogue we all face while remaining calm in a world of entropy.


This is a song about a man who has lost his ability to dream and is stuck in a loop of subsistence living. By the end of the song however he has been given some advice to help him see clearly and escape his repetitive lifestyle and break free ‘from the void’. It was the song that took us the longest to finish on the E.P as we had a very clear vision of what it needed to become and we weren’t willing to rest until it was achieved.


This was one of the easiest songs to write on the EP, the vocal came naturally in a burst of inspiration in about an hour one day. The instrumental was something that us and That’s Nice had been working on for awhile. It’s about a woman who makes you mad with lust and love and all the other emotions. It is something most men can relate to I think, there is always one woman that floats around your mind and drives you into madness.


This is an extremely upbeat style jam, afro-funk at it’s most simple and fun. It came very naturally and quickly, we tried to make sure we didn’t complicate it and kept the structure simple and didn’t crowd the motifs. We wrote vocal melodies ourselves and then sent them to a choir in Africa to record them and come up with lyrics. It translates to ‘laughter, joy & dancing is now’ which is perfect for the feeling of the song.

Dark Love

This song we wrote with a good friend of ours Danny Pratt who is an Australian artist now based in LA. He is the only guest vocalist on the EP and he brings an 80s inspired cool to the track that we really like. The title of this song creates an image in your mind which is something we always try to do with Miami Horror, dichotomous words to inspire imagery.

You can stream/buy Miami Horror’s ‘The Shapes’ EP right here. Check out their forthcoming tour dates below.



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