Goldie Is Publishing A Tell-All Memoir This Year

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Goldie Is Publishing A Tell-All Memoir This Year

Goldie has announced a written memoir, All Things Remembered, will be released later in the year.

The Drum and Bass pioneer recently surprised fans with news of his first album in nearly 20-years, and to coincide with the album’s release he will be publishing a ‘gonzo’ style memoir that will certainly be host to a few red-hot tales.

The book is being released with UK based publisher Faber, who have outlined this project as “an explosive story of abuse, revenge, graffiti, gold teeth, sawn-off shotguns, car crashes, hot yoga, absent fatherhood, and redemption through reality TV”.

In a press release, Goldie describes the All Things Remembered as “not just the story of how and why, it’s everything from the children’s homes to the Whispering Wheels roller-disco to rolling with the graffiti kings of New York to writing with David Bowie to reinventing myself as the Dorian Gray of fucking breakbeat,” Goldie says in a press release.

All Things Remembered will be available come November 2. For now, delve into this vintage video diary Goldie filmed with Channel 4 back in 95.


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