Compound Is Melbourne’s New, Open-Minded Electronic Music Hub

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Compound Is Melbourne’s New, Open-Minded Electronic Music Hub

A new name has surfaced in Melbourne’s techno landscape. Compound is a new collective born from the mind of local techno tributary Yanni Sarantis that has a focus on creating an open minded place of sonic experimentation.

With the launch of Compound coming up in a few weeks (please see page bottom for details), I figured it would be appropriate to pick the brain of Yanni so he can explain his vision to the people.



Fergus Sweetland: How did the concept of Compound come about and what’s the meaning behind the name?

Yanni Sarantis: The concept came about by realising that Melbourne needs a more frequent night with some abstract and experimental stuff. There are definitely parties that are catering to the abstract and experimental stuff but I feel that it isn’t too regular. I wanted the name to be a somewhat connection with something scientific, I want this to be an experiment of some sort. It feels like a lot of talented and hardworking artists in Melbourne are not playing exactly what they want to at gigs… so, I just would like to offer artists a platform with freedom to play what they want.

FS: What’s your vision for Compound over the next coming years and what kind of culture do you want to create around Compound?

YS: My vision for Compound is to first and foremost create an open minded party and then later on down the track I’d like to start up a label. My vision for the culture side of things is to create a safe haven for all! No politics, no bullshit. A chain reaction can be formed through great music and positive people and we could have something really special on our hands.

FS: Compound with see its first event in late March. Can you reveal anything about the night and how you selected the artists for the lineup?

YS: The party will be held at New Guernica… I’m aiming to keep these parties nice and intimate. We’ve got Three Mile, Chiara Kickdrum, Feema & myself! I just wanted artists on that definitely get the vibe and vision of what I’ll be trying to do.

FS: What’s your opinion on Melbourne’s techno scene? Is there any aspects that you think needs changing or pushing in the right direction?

YS: Melbourne’s techno scene is fantastic! You’ve got some awesome collectives and brands going on at the moment and doing their thing. I don’t think much needs changing at all but also everything always has room for improvement. Bunker, Technoir, Melbourne Techno Collective & Steeplejack – these cats have worked so hard to push something that might not be everyone’s cup of tea & they’ve done a dam good job of pushing some boundaries musically.

FS: Who are some of your local heros who you think are really pushing the techno and electronic music scene in Melbourne and who are some up and comers who we should keep an eye on?

YS: Youngsters to watch out for would definitely have to be the Three Mile cats! The artists within that group are honestly some of my favourite local DJs. They don’t see any musical boundaries with their music and that is the special thing about these cats.

FS: An off the cuff question: What would you tell your 12 year old self if you saw him on the street today?

YS: Don’t take the brown acid.

Compound will have its launch night at New Guernica on March 24th 2017.

Facebook event – click here.

Line up:

Three Mile

Chiara Kickdrum


Yanni Sarantis


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