Coachella’s 2017 Lineup Just Got Real Grimey

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Coachella’s 2017 Lineup Just Got Real Grimey

Coachella Music and Arts Festival is swiftly approaching its 2017 instalment, and as an extra gee-up for those who might still be sitting on the fence, they have added UK Grime lord Skepta into the mix.

Skepta – who has risen to international stardom over the past 24-months following a string of hard-hitting singles, an album and co-signs from the likes of Kanye and Drake – is a very late addition to the annual Palms Springs festival, who also recently added Lady Gaga in replacement of Beyoncé.

If this fixing of Grime is all you needed to convince you to head along, you can go ahead and do that right here.

Check out the full, revised lineup below.



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