There Is A Big Push For Groovin The Moo To Go Plastic-Free

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There Is A Big Push For Groovin The Moo To Go Plastic-Free

A new campaign has emerged that is pushing for Groovin The Moo to go plastic-free in 2017.

In a nutshell, the campaign is asking the popular festival to say no to the sale of plastic bottles and cups on their national tour.

This eco-friendly operation is run by Green Music Australia, a non-profit organisation that enthuses Australian music festivals, events and musicians themselves to think GREEN.

They are using social media to promote their effort as a way of conveying people power, following a previous and successful campaign that saw THE PLOT – another festival under the Cattleyard banner – choose to go plastic-free in 2016.

The event page shares instructions of how to get involved, which you can see below:

1️⃣ Invite your friends to this event & find yourself a reusable water bottle.
2️⃣ Take a selfie/boomerang with the reusable bottle.
3️⃣ Share it on social media with the caption:
Time to go bottled-water free Groovin the Moo! #BYObottle #GTM2017#CleanUpAustralia

If this is something you can get behind, which, if you dig the Earth you probably should, then head to the event page and invite your friends. Campaigns like this only work when people get on board and show support, so we strongly recommend you partake.


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