Tale of Us Announce Debut Album ‘Endless’. Share Tracklist

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Tale of Us Announce Debut Album ‘Endless’. Share Tracklist

Italian duo Tale Of Us have been somewhat of a phenomenon in the underground euro scene. After consistently big single releases they’ve announced their debut 10-track LP, “Endless” to be released March 31.

While this is all well and good, it might come as a bit of a surprise that they’re releasing through classical record giant, Deutsche Grammophon.

The feeling seems to be that they’re going for similar vibes to their release “Distante” (which will see a spot on the album) blending electronic and classical sounds.

Check out the track list and “Distante” and tell us what you think! Are these the vibes that you’re looking for from the duo?

“Endless” Tracklist:

01. Definizione Dell’Impossibile
02. Alla Sera
03. Ricordi
04. Oltre La Vita
05. Dilemma
06. Notte Senza Fine
07. Destino
08. Distante
09. Venatori
10. Quello Che Resta


(via: Dancing Astronaut)


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