Listen To Hot Dub Time Machine’s Exclusive Wine Connoisseur Mix

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Listen To Hot Dub Time Machine’s Exclusive Wine Connoisseur Mix

With a national tour set to kick off next month, Tom Lowndes a.k.a. Hot Dub Time Machine is kicking into gear and dusting off some vintage and modern selections to grace our ears amidst the grape vines and rolling hills.

The tour is starting on March 4, at the Home Hill Winery in Huon Valley, Tasmania, and from there will be setting off across the country stopping in at select wineries.

To help us all get in the mood, Hot Dub crafted up an exclusive mix for us, delving into some of his impressive track list. This, matched with the fact that it is Friday, will surely get you in the mood to tip a glass.

Listen to the mix below, coupled with Tom’s track run down and find out more on the Hot Dub Wine Machine tour right here.

Track Run Down:

Drinkin Wine Spo Dee o Dee – The Treniers (1948)

This song eventually became a bit of a “standard,” sanitised and covered by hundreds of musicians, but the original lyrics were: “Drinkin’ that mess is our delight, And when we get drunk, start fightin’ all night. Knockin’ out windows and tearin’ down doors, Drinkin’ half-gallons and callin’ for more. Drinkin’ wine motherfucker, drinkin’ wine!” This 1950’s version by the Treniers has same swagger as the original, but is a better recording.

Tequila – The Champs (1957)

I love this, the original version of ‘Tequila.’ It’s so funky! Sometimes it’s fun to mix drinks, here’s nothing like a cheeky tequila to get the party started…

Gimme That Wine – Lambert, Hendricks & Ross (1960)

This is a recording by one of the awesome “lounge” singing comedy acts of the 60’s. It’s a bit of joke, but I think there’s definitely some truth in their description of booze’s place in 60s society.

Hey, Brother, Pour the Wine – Dean Martin (1964)

I definitely wanted to get some ‘rat pack’ into this mix, and this song from Deano is perfect. It’s a love song with wine at its heart. Where it should be.

Summer Wine – Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood (1966)

I really love Nancy Sinatra, there are so many awesome songs where she just lazes around the beat, and this is a bit of a classic. By partnering her with country singer ‘Lee Hazlewood,’ it becomes a very 60’s, very filmic, duet. Although I really think that “summer wine” might be referring to something else….

Champagne and Wine – Otis Redding (1968)

I didn’t know this Otis Redding song until putting this together, but I’m very glad I found it. It’s a very beautiful, very sparse, song, that is a nice contrast to Nancy and Lee. So good.

Spill the Wine – Eric Burdon (1970)

Eric Burdon is the singer from ‘The Animals,’ (House of the Rising Sun) so this is delightfully out of character. It marks a pretty clear transition to the 70’s and a subtle remix of it was featured in Boogie Nights.

I Will Drink the Wine – Frank Sinatra (1971)

One rat-pack isn’t enough on a wine mix. We needed some Frank too….

I Like beer – Tom T. Hall (1975)

A bit of counterpoint for the beer lovers!. Being honest, I’m generally with Tom Hall here, I like beer! I really dig kooky country songs, particularly before the genre got electronic and bland in the 80’s.

Scenes from an Italian Restaurant – Billy Joel (1977)

Had to be included for some of the best wine lyrics ever written. It’s actually an epic 8 minute song, but I used the intro for this mix…

Cheap Wine – Cold Chisel (1980)

Time for some Aussie drinking music! I love Jimmy Barnes’ swagger in this song. It’s actually kind of bleak, he’s saying he doesn’t need anyone’s love, all he needs cheap wine and three day growth. It has a beautiful kind of sadness about it that sits in counterpoint to the lyrics of how good it is to be alone with wine. A proper rock song and a proper drinking song.

Red Red Wine – Neil Diamond (1967)

I grew up with the UB40 version, so it was cool to discover the earlier versions. This song does make a lot of sense as a slow ballad….

Red Red Wine – Tony Tribe (1969)

But it’s this amazing ska/reggae version that I love the most. It has a jaunty beat that is perfect for a sunny day on the red. Will definitely be played at Hot Dub Wine Machine

Red Red Wine – UB40 (1983)

Somehow this is the iconic version of this song. As a music nerd, I find the sound and production on this kind of interesting, it’s a very 80’s sound. Very cool to see how much music changed over 16 years.

1991 – NWA’s wine song doesn’t feature them at all, I’d love to know more about this. It was a skit on one of their records. I think it’s awesome

Keeping Score (feat. Guy Sebastian) – Paces

My favourite like a version of all time. Guy Sebastian is going to join Paces onstage at the Hunter Valley Wine Machine!

Come Down – Crooked Colours

Such a gorgeous down-tempo song from one of our most talented new bands out of Perth.

Courtesy Of – Running Touch

Running Touch is an intriguing new-comer on the Australian music scene. Refusing to show his face, he’s exploded out of Triple J Unearthed, and this is an awesome banger that goes off live.

Wait For You – Dena Amy

I love Dena Amy. This song is simply awesome, and should be better known. It sounds kind of like a darker edged RUFUS, but with Dena’s gorgeous vocals on top. She’s a rising star to watch out for.

Close 2 U (Feat. Joy) – Young Franco

Franco!!!!! One of the most likeable faces in Sydney’s music scene, Young Franco is a party rocker, who makes catchy, happy bangers. Can’t wait to drink some wine and hang with him. Brings a joyous, positive energy to everything he does

Love Like Mine – Miami Horror

Miami Horror are amazing, this song always makes me want to drive LA around in a convertible, but if you’ve only heard their music on the radio, seeing them live is an awesome surprise. They tour as a super tight and funky live band, doing amazing sets far more musical and interesting than most. Can’t wait to see them at Wine Machine

Embrace – Pnau

This was the first Pnau song I really loved and it still kicks today. A classic piece of Australian music.

Chameleon – Pnau

And they’ve written another classic!! I really think this song will go down as one of the best pieces of Australian Electronic pop, and can’t wait to see what they do with it live

The Wine Song – The Cat Empire

This is absolutely my favourite Wine Song Ever! We’re going to end every wine machine with a massive rendition of this song, as we all drink a toast to the sun!!


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