Leaked Police Report Reveals Deadly Ingredient In Lethal MDMA Batch

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Leaked Police Report Reveals Deadly Ingredient In Lethal MDMA Batch

Last month we reported on three deaths and numerous hospitalisations as a result of a lethal batch of MDMA in Melbourne.

Test results that were found on Bluelight forum and a police report that was uncovered by Vice confirm that two lethal chemicals being disguised as MDMA in the batch were 4-FA and 25C-NBOMe. Only a small amount of MDMA was actually found.

Speaking on the severity of this, Dr Monica Barratt of the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre describes 4-FA as “an amphetamine-type stimulant which has been described as having an effect somewhere between amphetamine and MDMA.”

However the more dangerous of the two chemicals is 25C-NBOMe, a hallucinogen which can easily lead to death when snorted.

The Police report on the batch states “The NBOMe series when intentionally consumed is put under the tongue or in the cheek – swallowing is less effective, but clearly can still cause strong effects at certain doses”.

It also states that regular police testing kits “may return a negative finding to illicit drugs containing 4-FA and 25-NBOMe. If there is a presence of MDMA, the spot test may return a positive to this drug.”

Naturally, people are not happy that the police are withholding this information from the public, and when contacted by Vice for a statement, a spokesperson for Victoria Police said: “This internal memo was sent to police members on 27 January following several instances of highly concerning drug reactions, including a number of overdoses in Chapel Street last month … as the internal memo indicates, synthetic drugs can take a variety of forms. If we issue a warning for one particular lot, that does not mean the drug isn’t also doing the rounds in other forms and so it is inappropriate to provide a specific warning.”

Regardless, it is crucial everyone take their own precautions when indulging in illicit drugs. We do not condone drug taking, but we understand people do, so we recommend you check Pillreport before you take anything.


(Via Vice)


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