Human Movement’s New Track Will Surely Get You Moving

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Human Movement’s New Track Will Surely Get You Moving

Aussie duo Human Movement are making waves again with their newest dance release Right Thang and it’s one helluva jam. With their sound drawing influences from house, techno, electro and UK Bass, Right Thang will provide you with your much needed dose of fun-filled disco intertwined with groovy dance floor vibes.

Human Movement teamed up with super smooth vocalist Eliot Porter to deliver this gem plus a couple of other artists who jumped on board remixing duties. The release is now up for grabs as a little package featuring four tracks altogether including remixes by Tregs and TACHES plus a ‘re-suss’ from the duo themselves.

French label Kitsune took the responsibility of releasing this little number a few days ago and now you can cop the EP here or stream it on Spotify or Soundcloud. 


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