DJ Boring Announces Stacked World Tour

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DJ Boring Announces Stacked World Tour

DJ Boring has today revealed a forthcoming world tour that is set to kick-off this weekend.

The UK-based producer, known for his low-slung, nostalgic house cuts including ">Winona and ">Sunday Avenue, rose to popularity in 2016 along with this unique, lo-fi sub-genre of dance music itself.

Along with other masters of the craft such as DJ Seinfeld, Mall Grab and Ross From Friends, DJ Boring utilises a red-line-friendly, sample-based approach to dance floor curation that has seen his popularity grow immensely in a short period of time.

Alas, a world tour is underway. The tour starts in London this weekend before venturing around Europe for roughly a month then landing in Australia for shows in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne and he’s then back over to Europe to wrap things up.

Check the tour dates below, and mark it down in the diary!



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