Days Like This Festival Responds To Backlash For Having Non-Female Lineup

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Days Like This Festival Responds To Backlash For Having Non-Female Lineup

Days Like This Festival is set to kick-off in just over 2-weeks time, however it has recently come under fire for their non-female lineup.

The lineup, hosting a total of 30 DJs/producers, is made up of only male artists, which has resulted in a backlash on social media from concerned fans and partygoers alike, who question the event for their lack of female bookings.

We contacted Days Like This this afternoon to get a response before publishing this article. This is what we received:

“We appreciate the honest and open feedback regarding an issue which is a serious industry concern.

The initial idea with Days Like This was always to have some of the Pitch female acts added to the Days Like This Festival lineup, but due to logistical and/or scheduling conflicts this wasn’t possible; however, it should be mentioned that we will be announcing those female acts as the headline artists for other events very soon.

We do understand that we have the influence to make a difference to aspiring female producers and DJs with inspiring female DJ bookings, and in that spirit, we can assure everyone that we have already begun work on securing more females for next year’s line up.”

The full lineup for Days Like This can be found here. What do you make of it all?


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